ASHES TO ASHES, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, July 2021.

Hardcore Continuum (Hell Hath No Fury), 2020-21
AI-generated 720p VJ motion graphics with words by Simon Reynolds and music by Klute.

A Plan for London, 2020
2 channel AI-generated video with text and music, online at San Mei Gallery.

Back to Future (Leaning Tower of Pisa)
HD loop on 32” LCD screen x 2, HD loop on 5” LCD screen, spirit level, snare drum, drum stool,
30 second drum roll every 15 minutes.

Watch research timeline video here

More installation views at Ruskin Degree Shows 2019.

Audience-shot documentation of recurring performance.
Of Course I Still Love You
Repurposed aluminium, spray-painted laser plywood, Raspberry Pi, 5 inch digital screen, looping GIF of SpaceX booster landing.
100 x 25 cm.

A Man A Plan A Canal, Panama
HD video, silent, 1 min 20, looped.

Avebury (UH60/SN8)
40 inch digital screen, HD video, 7.1 surround sound, 2 mins 30, looped.

Avebury (Helipad)
Site-specific 10 screen silent video projection.

Public window screening at Ruskin School of Art, 128 Bullingdon Road, Oxford. November 2018.
Just My Luck
13 inch digital screen, SD silent video, endless loop.